3 Free Ways to improve your personal brand to find a job in 2016

Hello friends! I’m Antonio a Web Marketer and I’m looking for a job in the web. In this post I want to talk to you about how to improve your perceived image, in order to find work on the web through the use of some free tools!

In this age it is very important to have a presence on the internet effcient!

I thought for a professional, a person who has just finished his studies, a person who has just lost his job would all be advantaged by having an effective presence, nice to see, easily and quickly accessible thanks to the Internet, to be offered when you apply to a new place of work


So like me, you too can use branded.me to promote your image and in a manner free :)

Creates eye-catching graphics with Gimp, a free photo editing program, and start to build your Branded.me page!

Creating a captivating description of yourself interesting and original, you will be Enlarged to distinguish yourself from the crowd and be a prominent person; I should enclose the text of the link to your social profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ as well as any links to projects in developing and completed, look here as I do.

Remember that, with Dropbox you can share a single file through links! Put it in your branded.me page add your link to your europass resume.

You can take advantage of goo.gl to use the barcode to add to your summary or business card pointing to your best web pages presentation.

Look, for example, as a result them myself on my summary

Once you link your account social and any other link as a web site and others, I suggest you start posting on your branded.me blog, it is very important to create an effective content strategy that allows you to point out in a useful and intelligent your quality and your professional level, and thanks to branded.me all this is possible and free of charge!

Remember to engage the reader making you leave your email, uses spaces as a free squeeze page, add a link to your spaces within your branded.me page inviting the reader to keep in touch with you, look here as I do!

I hope after you’re willing! How about you give me in exchange for a little help? Share it with your friends and help me to let me know about the company!


On gospaces.com you can create a page to sell products and services or collect contacts, for free! Register and create a page where you describe It is basically of which you are seeking by inviting them to visit your profile and your resume branded.me shared through Dropbox, then add in the registration form that hospices offers, look here as I do.

It will be really very easy to be able to achieve it because spaces is very simple and intuitive to use! I think it took me 10 minutes in all!


I hope you already know :) LinkedIn is the social network for the world’s most well-known professionals, creating a profile you have the chance, as it were a curriculum to share your experience, education, skills, and ongoing projects carried out with community, look here as I do.

Thanks to LinkedIn always carry with you a community of professionals at your service

On LinkedIn there is a section where you can see the work required on the part of many companies in your area, you should search online offers with your profile and press the apply button.

Leverages the groups to get in touch with people potentially interested in your professional skills! Using the advice of this board Trello in LinkedIn section to make the most of the possibilities that LinkedIn or another Social Network on target with your skills!

I hope after you’re willing! How about you give me in exchange for a little help? Share it with your friends and help me to let me know about the company, and connect with me on LinkedIn!

And what do you think?

What tools could be useful to the readers to improve their personal brand to buy up new job opportunities?