Feedback for Your Job Interview from a Candidate

I was interviewed at this company and here is my feedback hence they did not grace me with any.


Hence you did not send me any feedback, and not hear from you, I decided to send you a feedback. I was very happy about the first round of your job interview, interviewers were polite and respectful and you asked smart questions. I was happy that my technical knowledge was respected.

However the second round of interview, which I wasn’t expecting a technical one, was opposite. Interviewer was extremely disrespectful. In the first second I understood that he was prejudiced and going to ask amateur questions from his manners. A guy, without smiling and showing that he is not happy to meet a “different” person to interview, is not an uncommon type of interviewers I encounter.

Asking questions on paper with a bic pen is extremely unprofessional, also improvising questions on fly without preparing them is too. Other than that, asking syntax order of a left or right join, instead of the purpose of that to a candidate that says she worked one year as front-end engineer is forcing her to fail. Also it’s extremely rude to comment, “oh you wrote a book about it explaining but you don’t remember the syntax?” with a mocking face.

Actually I am not interested with your company or your offer anymore, hence a accepted a different offer from abroad, I hope my feedback is going to be useful for your company, not to frustrate future candidates with your unprofessional behaviour.


Midori Kocak
Cumputer Scientist & Engineer