Résumé Redesign: Back to the Basics

Keep trying different options with your résumé

Résumé writing is a lot of trial and error. Finding that my last redesign was too informal for some positions, I designed another, cleaner version that is easily readable by most job boards and websites.

During my last redesign, I highlighted the importance of being concise, be specific, add links, leave space to grow.

Losing the images, which took up a sizable portion of my former résumé, it has developed into a much more easily digestible overview of my best traits. While this means that I no longer include my Snapchat handle, Instagram account (which is private anyway), and other social media related links, it asserts my familiarity with different platforms and third party applications.

My biggest regret is not finding space to include a link to my Flipboard account, which, as I previously explained, is a much more mobile-friendly way to view and share news stories.

So, what has changed since last time? I decided to create a separate category for my past internships, instead of co-mingling them with the real-world work experience that I have under my belt.

The font size remains relatively uniform, unlike my last design, which used smaller fonts to list experience and specifics. It is better to try and put these in a way that is succinct and flows better for the potential employer.

By eliminating the photos on the right-hand side of the page, I was able to more appropriately list my many skills and traits.

While it is far less flashy, the next step would be to integrate the visual aspect of my former résumé into the cleaner copy.

To check out the full PDF version of my redesigned résumé, be sure to visit my website, danieloffner.com.

Daniel Offner currently works as the Press Secretary / Special Events Coordinator to New York State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. He is also the Music Editor for the Pop Culture website, Salute Magazine.