Skills of The Future?

Problem solving. Teamwork. Communication.

The top 3 skills highly in demand by employers, though rarely embedded in current educational curriculums (Economist Intelligence Unit research).

If that’s what the workplace really needs, It’s probably time for educators to replace some of the more outdated courses to meet the 21st Century demands.

Curriculums that develop the Skills of the Future in young people, and are aligned with ongoing advances in Educational Technology.

Having access to huge amounts of data means it’s less essential for students to memorise, and more important to learn how to learn.

How to get things done.

Possessing these skills could act as a differentiating element for the rising number of graduates who compete for virtually the same number of jobs year by year.

Educators and Employers should work hand in hand to create more real-life opportunities for the future workforce.

Opportunities that allow them to solve real problems by communicating effectively in a team.

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Google for Education recently discussed the Skills of the Future in the amazing Education on Air online conference. Check it out here.

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