The 50 Best Sickie Excuses You’ll Ever Hear

’Tis the season to be full of cold and flu — exactly like I am!

Believe me, getting up in the morning this week has been difficult and the thought “has my alarm really gone off or can I just sleep a little bit longer…?” has gone through my head more than once…

But in such situations, most of us accept our fate, get up and plod along to work, dosed up on Lemsip.

Some of us pull a sickie call in sick…

And I have heard some bloomin’ great excuses in my time. Here are 50 of my absolute favourites.


Ok, SOME of these may have been real… and acceptable.

But here’s a tip: if you are unwell and you really can’t face work — it’s best just to tell the truth!

Otherwise you might end up on our list too!

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