Top Interviewing Trends for Executive Jobs

The world has become rapidly more competitive, so staying ahead of the other applicants is very important if you want to be the one to land the job. Everything changes over time. Just like fashion, new trends are always emerging regarding resumes and interviewing platforms. The basics may stay the same but time constraints, a mobile workforce, new legislation and the cost of hiring are forcing changes to the traditional interview.

Here are few tactics, stemming from trends, you will want to use in your next interview:

Video interviewing:
The video interviewing trend is here to stay. It saves money and time. You don’t have to fly a candidate or any remote employee in for a video interview. This type of interview will also show your presentation skills and your ability to interface. When it comes to video interviewing the challenge lies in overcoming self-distraction, or in other words, getting out of your own way.

Screen sharing presentations:
 You can be asked to create a presentation or to show a sample of your work over Google Chat or another site. Again, this will show your presentation skills and messaging and analytical skills. The interviewer will be looking for you to be able to pitch your presentation, to speak clearly, to look confident and comfortable, and to create a presentation that’s engaging and creative, with a powerful opening.

Group Interviews :
Somewhere during your career journey you may participate in a group interview. This may include multiple HR managers, team members or even a panel and a number of job candidates. Be sure, however, to address each person equally with your responses and eye contact.

Psychometric Tests:
It include reasoning tests, personality profiles, ability assessments, and motivation questionnaires. It can save a lot of time, they are easy to administer, and they can give the interviewer the insight they need. It includes:

  • Interest testing for motivation, opinions, and values.
  • Aptitude testing, which measures the ability to perform the necessary tasks.
  • Personality testing will measure how different individuals have different styles on how they do things.

Both employer and candidate, want to know more about each other. Talk about what is more important to both of you, what is working and what isn’t. Transparency allows the candidate to feel better about expectations and to see if they will fit in “

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