What is the key to making career connections?

As someone new to the job search world after a successful, long-lasting career at a major broadcasting company, I ask you…

What is your most helpful advice to making work connections?

My plan is to parlay years of skills and experience into a successful freelance career, with an open option for a staff position, should the right fit arise. Although I have been in search mode for only a couple of months, I have yet to land a gig.

Here is the advice I have received so far about networking with people and finding that next job:

  • Know what you want and stay focused on your passion.
  • Everyone you know has potential connections to a company or work that you are looking for, so always be networking.
  • Practice talking about your skills in ways that are helpful to the job at hand. What can you do for them? How can you alleviate their stress? You should also be comfortable talking about any past projects that you worked on, especially in relation to how those skills can serve the task at hand.
  • Be yourself and be sincere. Take genuine interest in the company you are wanting to work with.
  • Find common ground with the person you are meeting with. This can help you to have a friendlier conversation and if they like you, they are more likely to hire you.
  • Keep a positive attitude. Don’t let one ‘no’ set you back. Press on to the next opportunity.

I’m sure with persistence, patience and a positive attitude something will come my way soon. Until then, I’ll continue to seek advice and inspiring ways to keep the job search moving forward.

If you’ve been in job search recently or you are in a position where you hire others, I’d appreciate hearing your favorite words of wisdom about networking and making career connections!

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